106th Moora Show

16th September 2017

Moora Oval, Moora, Western Australia

Important Contact Details Update
Have a question, query or comment? Please send all email to the new Moora Show contact address: contact@moorashow.com
106th Moora Show Information
The 106th Moora Show will be held on Saturday, 16th September 2017 at the Moora Oval.
Fine Woodworking competition returns in 2017
The Fine Woodworking competition returns this year in 2017 with a $300 prize. Click here for full details. Congratulations again to Percy Crago with his Grandfather Clock winning entry. Judges Darren Gibsone and John Brassington were very impressed with the quality of workmanship of the items entered and invite you to enter this year.
Moora Show Contact Information

For all email enquiries please send to the Moora Show email address: contact@moorashow.com
For general enquiries please contact CMAS President David Hall - Ph: 08-96545042 or 0428188922.
Enquiries for:
  • Entertainment contact: Megan Brassington - Ph: 0428657200 or 08-96511473
  • Groundsman contact: Bill Hobden - Ph: 08-96531677, 0428911203
  • Exhibits, pavilion only contact: Tracey Errington - Ph: 08-96531585
  • Trade Space & Food: Megan Brassington - Ph: 0428657200 or 08-96511473
  • Sheep contact: Maria Wood - Ph: 08-96543012
  • Wool contact: Ben Hall - Ph: 0427545042 or Sarah Hall Ph: 0428316401
  • Poultry contact: Kate Linke - Ph: 08-96515035
  • Horses in Action contact: To Be Advised
Trade Space Form
Trade space form is now available to download for the Moora Show 2017. Form can be downloaded in two formats:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Pdf
  • Fine Woodworking Competition 2017 - $300 Prize up for grabs...start your preparations now!
    The Central Midlands Agricultural Society, with the generosity of local businessman John Brassington has been able to introduce this very attractive award for this year’s Moora Show which is to be held on the 16th September 2017 and is open to Amateur and Semi-amateur wood workers from Moora and adjoining Shires.
    The standard of work will have to be well above average. Judging will be conducted separately to all other categories and should the judges not award a winner the prize money would be added to next year’s prize money.
    Points will be awarded for:
  • Standard of woodwork eg. Joints etc. 20%
  • Standard of finish 20%
  • Usefulness of item 20%
  • Complexity of item 20%
  • Whether the item was self-designed or came out of a book or from a set of plans 20%
  • Some examples:
  • A long case clock
  • A furnished dolls house with no pre-made or commercial components
  • An inlayed jewellery box
  • A carved inlayed chess set
  • An inlayed games table with drawers for pieces
  • A wooden boat
  • A wooden model ship
  • Note: Example woodwork items not to be included would be Salt & Pepper shakers or Turned pens etc...
    For more detailed information please feel free to phone John on 0417 178 969 Any other queries regarding the Show in general please contact the Trade Secretary on 0428 657 200 or contact@moorashow.com The 2016 winner of this prize was Percy Crago with his Grandfather Clock. Judges Darren Gibsone and John Brassington were very impressed with the quality of workmanship of the items entered and invite you to enter this year.
    Last Years Show Schedule
    The Program of Events and Show Schedule for last years show is still available to download.
    To download last year's Moora Show Schedule in Acrobat PDF format click here